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Ali Sharpe is a highly trained and very experienced voice coach. After years of teaching with traditional methods she has recently completed a course in Holistic Voice Therapy. This enables her to add a richer and deeper extra dimension to the experience of voice tuition.


    • Traditional Vocal Training


    • Vocal Harmony Workshops


    • Holistic Voice Therapy


    • Sound and Crystal Healing


    • Guided Chakra Meditation



Whether you are a beginner, unsure about pitching, range and control – or a more proficient singer,  with over 25 years of performing, teaching and personal exploration of vocal techniques Ali can help.


Ali has been leading choirs and vocal workshops for many years. She ran a music department in a local school and is regularly requested to run voice workshops for teachers and pupils in a variety of schools all over the country


Ali has a diploma in Holistic Voice Therapy from the British Academy of Sound Therapy. This has enabled her to explore the voice using a more holistic and healing/wholing approach.

What my clients say

My Mission

I aim to help people realise their musical potential by the development of their voice. Apart from the sheer joy of it, singing can create greater self-confidence and a more positive approach to life. Whether you are aiming to win a national TV talent contest, get the lead parts in your local operatic company, or just want to have fun, I can help.