Ali Sharpe | Holistic
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Holistic Voice Therapy


Ali has a diploma in Holistic Voice Therapy from the British Academy of Sound Therapy. This has enabled her to explore the voice using a more holistic and healing/wholing approach. She believes wholeheartedly in the power of the individual voice to facilitate a process of balance and inner peace and with the addition of these new techniques acquired through extensive study and practice she believes that she now has the potential for providing students with a deeper sense of resonance between themselves and their voices.


Holistic Voice Therapy is designed to initiate a process of self-reflection and “Wholing” which can balance and align all levels of being enabling the individual to confront personal challenges and move forward in a meaningful and transformative way.


There are specific exercises and treatments including the “Sound-bath” or “Sonic Massage” in which Himalayan Bowls and voice are used to soothe and balance both the Chakras and Auric Field. Other exercises are designed to be less passive and encourage the client to explore their challenges in a more direct and physical way. Each session is entirely structured around the client’s own self-reflective observations and needs inorder to promote self-empowerment.


Sound and Crystal Healing


Crystals have a long tradition of being used for crystal healing. Each variety of crystal has a unique internal structure, which causes it to resonate at a certain frequency. It is this resonance that is said to give crystals their healing abilities. Applying this resonance in a coherent way can help to restore stability and balance to the bodies energy systems, stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms.


Crystal therapy is a gentle non-invasive form of alternative healing that works holistically to harmonize the mind, body, emotions and spirit, helping to increase our feeling of well-being, neutralize negativity, lift depression and to help us to become integrated, whole beings.


Guided Chakra Meditation


The Chakras are energy centres within the subtle body that correspond to important organs within the physical body. When you “sense” something on an intuitive or emotional level then this is an indication that your subtle or energetic “body” is communicating with you. In ancient times it was vehemently believed that human beings existed not just on a material or mental level, but a spiritual level too and for a state of “well-being” to be attained all three areas of mind, body and spirit needed to be in-balance.


Since beginning her study of the chakras and their significance in terms of initiating this state of “Wholing” or healing, Ali has developed a meditational practice using vocal sounds or chants. These are based on sacred vowel sounds which resonate with the particular energy of individual chakras and include accessing the harmonics that lie within the chanted sound, enabling the mind to be stilled and an inner focus to be accessed. The vibrations created by the voice penetrate the body giving a sonic massage which is relaxing and deeply therapeutic.


Group or individual guided meditation sessions take place on Thursdays by appiontment only. Contact me for more details.